Week 3 – My goal

Just a little recap, my goal is as follows: “My overall course goal is to complete the course with gained knowledge and understanding of yoga.  As well as establishing a daily yoga and meditation practice.   I plan to support my overall goal weekly by mindfully completing the course material.  Being present while watching the videos instead of just trying to complete my requirements. Reading the extra course material as time allows, without distraction.  I am going to support my weekly goals daily by logging in to the course for at least 30 minutes a day without other obligations or distractions until I have completed everything.   I will continue to focus on doing yoga and/or mediation for at least 30 minutes a day as well.”

My goal is important to me because it will allow me to be more present in my life.  My goal is mainly focused on self-care and I find that to be very important in my being a better person, mother, wife, friend, worker, society member, etc.  It will be very meaningful for me to succeed with my goal as it will allow me to focus more on self-care.

I do not think I need to adjust my goal much.  I have decided to start practicing yoga and/or mediation first thing in the morning.  Often I let me day get away from me because I am focused so much on talking care of others, or doing other things that I let the day get away from me.  I then find myself rushing to cram it in.  This weekend I had so many family and life obligations that I was focused on, I never found the time to allow myself to practice yoga.  This has left me in a worn out, frazzled, tired state.  This seems to have less of a mental benefit than when I am happily making time to do something I love.  I do love yoga.  I love that way it makes me feel physical and mentally.

I have had a little more difficulty sticking to my goal this week.  I have been ok with the course work.  I am having a much more difficult time sticking to the mediation practice.  I rush my yoga practice and I am not focusing on mindfulness.  It is good for me to return to evaluate my goal so I can focus on these issues and adjust accordingly.


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